Environmental Impact

Part I: Project Proposal
To complete your proposal, refer to the Project Overview document in the Environmental Impact
Project module and follow the instructions below. When your proposal is complete, one group
member must submit it in Blackboard. That file will populate for all group assigned members so
long as it is submitted by the deadline. Proposals will not be accepted after the deadline or
outside of Blackboard.
Proposals must clearly and explicitly include the following:
• The consumer product whose commodity chain you’ll research
• A brief explanation (1 – 2 sentences) of at least 3 environmental impacts that occur
across its commodity chain
o at least 1 impact at these stages of the commodity chain
▪ resource (raw material) extraction
▪ transformation (manufacturing, processing etc.)
o you may also include
▪ non-environmental impacts (ex. health)
▪ impacts at the distribution and consumption stages of the chain
• An indication of whether the environmental impacts are forms of pollution or
degradation and, if applicable, the type of non-environmental impact
• A total of at least 2 different geographic locations at which the impacts take place
• A total of at least 3 credible sources of information from at least 2 different types of
sources such as government databases and reports, peer-reviewed academic
publications, investigative journalism reports, and news reports

Sample Solution