Watch the video, Environmental Justice (opens in new window) (00:04:32).
When we focus upon our community’s needs for public health interventions, we soon discover that these issues are not as local as we first thought. Common challenges to public health are what people, governments, military and medical professionals face daily. As a public health professional, you will find that it becomes difficult not to consider the greater community, society and those around the globe.

After presenting your action plan ( ATTACHED) to your audience, share some of the non-confidential feedback received about your action plan. Be sure to paraphrase and protect the audience members’ identities.
• Did the responses to your feedback survey surprise you?
• How would you be able to apply what you learned to make a positive impact in your community? What about in the world?

• Where do you see any ties between environmental public health issues and socio-economic or cultural factors?

Respond to the initial prompt with a substantive post by the first deadline.



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