Environmental problems

In this assignment, you are to research the following environmental problems:
Destruction of the ozone layer.
Acid rain.
Climate change.
Persistent organic pollutants, with a focus on the pesticide DDT.
Harmful algal blooms
Pharmaceutical contamination of water supply.
Any other area of your own choosing. (Discuss this with me first)

Following your research, you must choose one environmental problem for deeper study. You are then to write a 1500 word (± 100 words) case study essay. In this, you are to consider the environmental and sustainability problems and issues associated with your chosen area. In particular, your report should include details relating to, but not exclusively:
Why this environmental problem has occurred, detailing the chemistry involved.
What, if any, more eco-friendly alternatives have been developed. Again, with a focus on the role chemistry has played in solving these problems.
An important part of this assignment is that you must come up with your own title, which succinctly describes the nature and context of your case study essay. In writing your case study essay, you must include appropriate diagrams, tables, images etc. placed at suitable positions in your text. Your case study essay should also contain all references used and consulted. These should be included in your essay in the appropriate Harvard referencing style.

Sample Solution