Epictetus claims that “external” things like our reputations are not “up to us.”

In Chapter 1, Epictetus claims that “external” things like our reputations, our jobs, our bodies, and our personal
possessions are not “up to us.” Using specific examples of your own, explain both how this can be true (or the
ways in which it is true), and also how it might not be true. After presenting your scenarios, decide whether you
agree with Epictetus on this issue.
After sharing your thoughts, read and respond to at least two of your classmate’s postings. For best results,
post first, then read and respond. In your responses, please gently correct any misperceptions you see, ask for
clarification, indicate what you found interesting or important, disagree (and, of course, explain why you
disagree), or raise a question for the writer. Don’t simply agree with what they have written.
Please continue to follow the Friday/Monday schedule we have been using for our blogging deadlines. Your
original post should be 150 words minimum, and your replies should be 100 words minimum.

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