Epidemiologic triangle

Identify a potential disease or condition that may affect your selected population. It can be acute or chronic.

  1. Using the epidemiologic triangle (p. 90), describe the disease process.
  2. Identify the levels of prevention that could be applied to this disease or condition.
  3. List the following about the disease or condition:
    a. state and county incidence, prevalence, morbidity and mortality data from the two most recently available years
    b. a local health care agency that is working to manage this disease or condition. Describe its work
  4. Find 5 evidence-based articles related to this disease or condition that would be beneficial to the public health nurse. Briefly summarize the findings.
  5. Please consider the following guidelines when writing your paper:
    • Use APA format including:
    o Title page
    o Running head
    o Reference page

Sample Solution