Epidemiology-Assessing evidence applications

Epidemiology-Assessing evidence .You will be provided a series of articles to read on a topic of some controversy in the scientific community. You will then apply your understanding of epidemiological findings, study design and causal theory to determine whether you believe the exposure at hand is causal in the disease process discussed. You will prepare a concise and well-written paper defending your position. Papers will be no longer than 4 single spaced pages in length. In your paper, you must include a brief opening statement summarizing the exposure and outcome of interest in your assigned papers and specifically state whether or not you believe the exposure to be causal in development of the outcome based only on the evidence provided. Through your writing of the paper, it is expected that you will demonstrate your facility with the relative strengths and weaknesses of different epidemiologic study designs, your ability to interpret measures of association, your ability to critically read a manuscript and take into account elements of the study’s methodology (sample size, types of measurements utilized etc) when evaluating the paper’s findings.

Sample Solution