ERP project’s description

In this project you are asked to implement/simulate your version of ERP. The goal of this project is to illustrate the integration of multiple functional areas in an

organization. During this project, you need to focus on implementing a couple of standard ERP modules.
1- Your project shall include the main ERP components:
a. Database component.
b. At least 2 partial ERP modules (HR, MS, SCM, CRM, etc.)
c. Graphical User Interface to interact with the application.
2- Your application shall implement at least 2 ERP features.
3- Your application shall clearly demonstrate how the implemented features are integrated together. For example “sales order process” which was covered in chapter

3, “production planning process”, etc.
4- You need to submit a short report by the end of the semester with your design.
5- You need to plan for a demonstration of your application during the last day of the semester.
6- 3 to 4 students can team up in this project. Groups of 2 is also acceptable.

Sample Solution