Essay Analysis

On page 23 of Bruner’s piece in the section marked The Form of the Course, he discusses the ideas of units of study including sections, topics, devices and activities, materials, filmed student observations and supplementary materials. I would like you to answer these questions relative to Bruner’s piece.
• What is your opinion of Bruner’s breakdown of unit construction? Are there parts still prevalent in and/or relevant to a typical classroom? Are there elements that seem outdated? Give details.
• Aside from obvious changes as in using film loops when teaching, what other areas of unit constituency in today’s approaches to curriculum differ from Bruner’s six (6) elements? Choose one or two differences that come to mind. If that seems a bit overwhelming, then what has been your experience with unit work be it structural or unit construction/deconstruction? Share your experiences
Written Assignment Unit 5

Look over Freire’s (1970,1993) Chapter 3 as he explores the realities of politics, power, and oppression when it comes to those able to access education. We also encounter certain Freirean convictions including the purpose of education as freedom.
In this chapter, Freire explores many significant key terms and at times, they are laden with much complexity and may require a bit more discussion in order to fathom their exact meanings.
• Expand upon one (1) term and address the following
• Analyze what Freire means to say when he uses this term. What support does he offer to explain the term?
• Evaluate the term’s connection to the idea of curriculum reform.
• Assess the strength and validity of this term relative to what Freire is trying to convey in this chapter. Explain whether or not you do agree with this choice of term. Why or why not

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