ESSAY; Comparison/Contrast and Synthesis Argument

Comparison and contrast is a frequently used writing strategy that allows writers to investigate similarities and differences between two or more works. In this assignment, you are asked to investigate and discuss the
ideas, views, style, and craft of two different works.
An important part of this assignment is the element of synthesis. A comparison and contrast essay might well simply list similarities and differences between two works, but a more useful approach—especially when comparing and contrasting the works of a similar theme, structure, style, or genre—is for the writer to make some larger point, that is, for the writer to be able to synthesize, to extract, to tease out what the author is
saying or arguing in each work and to show why these commonalities and differences (in theme, subject,
setting, technique, and philosophy) matter.
What makes the authors’ views useful or meaningful? Does some new point of view emerge from thinking through the authors’ works?
As target works for your comparison/contrast and synthesis argument, you will use TWO selections from our
online texts. You may use any combination of poetry, fiction, or nonfiction for this project.
In comparing and contrasting your two selections, you will construct an insightful and compelling argument that
will take us beyond where the two selections might take us on their own. Through the synthesis of these two
selections and your own thoughtful observations, you will create an essay that will demonstrate and clarify – that is, argue — some larger point.

Sample Solution