Essay;Michelle Alexanders piece ” The New Jim Crow”

(1) Compose texts that exhibit appropriate rhetorical choices, including attention to audience, purpose, context,
genre, culture, and convention.
(2) Develop and apply strategies for critical reading, critical thinking, and information literacy.
(5) Develop and advance thesis-driven compositions in an organized progression with appropriate supporting
Read the text carefully and begin to consider some of the following
questions surrounding a focused idea presented in the text:
As reader, what was your response to that idea? Why?
What of the author’s appeals to emotions, or reason influence your response?
Do you trust this author’s knowledge and information? Why or why not?
What of your own knowledge, biases, or pre-conceived notions of the issue influence your response?
In your draft, briefly summarize the reading and develop your paper in response to one idea presented by the
author. You will draw quotations and examples from the text to support your response. Information and ideas
that you use to support your ideas should be documented with appropriate MLA or APA style in-text citations
and a bibliography.

Sample Solution