Establishing the levels of management and how each level unctions in the organization and their justification and implementation.

Give an explanation of the function that each level performs and why it is important.

In the the article, “The Management Century”. Based on the content presented in the article,

Describe the evolution of management and how management practices have changed over time.

How has our understanding of management changed over time? Why has it evolved in the ways that it has?

In the journal article, “Executive Information Systems: Their impact on Executive Decision Making”. Based on the information presented in the article, discuss the following:

• The tools executive managers use when making major decisions

• The relationship between the tools the executive managers’ use and the managers’ tasks

• The reasons for using the support tools

Managerial Planning

What are the types of plans?

How are they distinguished from one another?

Do you think plans with incremental objectives are more effective than those that contain stretch goals? Why or why not?

What role should ethics play with strategic planning? Support your opinion with outside resources.

Job Design

What kinds of jobs are needed in an organization?

How has specialization of labor, or division of labor, been implemented in an organization in which you have worked (or researched)?

How are departments organized?

Do you perceive these groupings to be effective? Why or why not?










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