Ethic case study

Case Study

A country with a history of corruption and bribery has made great efforts via education and prosecution to conduct government business in an open and fair way. The country has made considerable progress. As part of its reform, the country overhauled its visa procedures for foreigners wanting to live in the country. In the previous corrupt environment, people with money would secretly pay off a government employee to have their visa application approved quickly, while other visa applications took much longer. Now the government has made the application procedure transparent and established a new procedure in law. The new procedure offers two visa tracks, the “Regular Track”, which does not require any payment, and the “Premium Track”, which requires a US $10,000 payment. The Regular Track takes just as long to process a visa application as an application without a bribe took before the reforms. The Premium Track moves along just as quickly as a visa application with a bribe took before the reforms. Most people wanting to immigrate to the country cannot afford the Premium Track.

Q1. What are the issues of integrity, ethics and law posed in the case study? (150 -200 words).

Q2. What options does the country have, and what should it do and why? (100 -150 Words).

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