Ethical Dilemma and Biblical Worldview Essay

You are currently a high-ranking military officer who is in charge of a major defense bidding project. You have total authority from the Secretary of the Air Force (SECAF) to make the final decision between two remaining competitors (Boeing and Airbus). Analyzed data shows that the Airbus offering is the higher performer at a lower cost over the life of the project (saving the American tax payer billions of dollars). But Boeing is an American company and Airbus is a European company. However, Airbus indicated their willingness to build the airplane in the US.
Once this contract is awarded, you are retiring from the Air Force after 20 years of service and plan to begin your 2nd career in the private sector.
Through a series of conversations and emails with corporate level executives you have been assured a highly ranked and extremely lucrative financial position with the company if you should decide to give the contract to Boeing.
What are your options? What is the core ethical dilemma? What action would you take? How did ethics assist you in making this decision? What Christian values formulated your ethical framework? Is there a biblical principle or theme you can apply here? (use scripture references if they apply)















































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