Ethical Dilemma in Child Placement Scenario

You are employed at a human services agency where a part of your duties includes finding temporary placement for three clients (children aged 5–12) over the holidays. You were unable to find placement for one of the children, a victim of sexual abuse. The options available to you are to either leave the child at the agency or take him home with you. Tasks: Analyze the scenario above and in a 5- to 6-page report, identify the legal and ethical ramifications of your options, recommending a course of action. Make sure to complete the following: Examine the current legal and regulatory requirements that are present in this situation. Evaluate the legal, professional, and personal risks associated with both options. Explain the ethical implications of both options. Identify and justify a specific course of action. Make sure to support your decision with references to specific ethical theories and frameworks. Use resources from professional literature in your research.



Sample Solution