Ethical dilemmas

Choose any of the following ethical dilemmas, and write about it from a personal stand point.

Each one of these articles has a patient case within it. Just hit Ctrl and click on the article to access it. You must relate your dilemma paper to a patient situation, not just a hypothetical situation or a general discussion of the topic. You may use the case in the article, news story, or media piece as your patient & family situation. Choose the best one of the articles below and use the patient situation described to base your ethical dilemma paper on. You still need to find a peer reviewed article from a professional nursing or medical journal to support your dilemma thesis.

  1. Gender reassignment –
  2. Genetic alteration to cure inborn diseases –
  3. Marijuana use for children with seizures –
  4. End of life care Revealing the truth to a child who is dying –
  5. Abortion for adolescents – Who gets to decide? –
  6. Minors right in refusing medical treatment –

Another one:

Another one –

7.Parents right to a healthcare interpreter –  

another one:

8.Munchausen syndrome by proxy dilemmas –

9.Sibling bone marrow donation-

Another one – Movie “My Sister’s Keeper”. (or you can download from Netflix and watch the movie)

10.Blood transfusion refusal –

Another one:

Minors seeking birth control –

12Ambiguous genitalia –

Another one –

13. Vaccine refusal and possible effects –

14. Lung transplantation rules for children –

15.Healthcare decisions for minors of divorced parents –

Another one-

16.Punishment versus child abuse (cultural beliefs) –

Another one –

17.Childhood obesity versus parents right to determine family eating habits –

18.Plastic surgery and teens –

19.Teen internet privacy versus risks and parents right to protect –

Another one –

20. Children who are bitten by a family dog, who is responsible, what is the ethical decision?  (see section Family Members for an Arizona dog bite case)



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