Ethical issues in perinatal nursing care

Read the two peer postings below regarding an ethical issues in perinatal healthcare. For each peer post, answer the following questions below:
• Find one news article that highlights a real-life event, debate, or legal case regarding the ethical issue they spoke about. Include an APA citation of this article and link.
• Include a description of the article’s contents in your discussion that details the people or entities involved, the context of the issue within the article, and whether the issue within that context has been resolved, and if so, how?
• Then explain how you believe this issue has impacted your views on perinatal health.

Ethical issues in perinatal nursing care are complex because both the mother and the fetus are considered. One of the important medical issues that affect perinatal health care is the refusal of treatment. In the case of a child, parents have the right to decide for and against medical treatment. Care without informed consent should only be used when the client’s life is in danger. However, refusal of treatment may occur when treatment conflicts with religious or cultural beliefs. If a medical treatment may save a child’s life, healthcare providers and the judicial system strive to advocate for the child. The state has an overriding interest in the health of the child and may order that the medical treatment proceed. Parents may refuse treatment is they perceive that their child’s quality of life will be impaired. If the parent’s refuse treatment and the health care team feels the treatment is reasonable and warranted, the case should be referred to an ethics committee. If the issue remains unresolved, the judicial system becomes involved (Aderemi, 2016)
Aderemi, R. A. (2016). Ethical issues in maternal and child health nursing: Challenges faced by maternal and child health nurses and strategies for decision making. International Journal of Medicine and Biomedical Research, 5(2), 67–76.

PEER POST 2 – Gabriella:
One ethical issue I believe that exists that can affect perinatal health care is the use of medication by pregnant women. There are some medications that mothers may be taking, antidepressants for example, that if the mother doesn’t take, she may be at risk for suicide, which also harms the baby. There are other ethical issues like maternal risks, the therapeutic misconception, commercial interests and forensic/legal issues (NCBI, 2019).

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