Some people say that our government is snooping into our business daily.

The USA Patriot Act and domestic surveillance (such as monitoring of emails and phone calls) have become controversial among the American public, sparking concerns over privacy and related issues. The USA Patriot Act and other federal laws permit law enforcement and intelligence agencies some leeway in domestic surveillance.

Leaks by former National Security Agency (NSA) worker Edward Snowden revealed an extensive program of surveillance by the NSA and the intelligence community. Public outcry has resulted in open and closed hearings before Congress as well as many lawsuits and other legal actions by private citizens and organizations.

There is a need for some measure of surveillance to protect citizens from terrorist attacks; however, these measures are difficult to define and often secret. Examining this controversial issue is an important part of understanding the foundations of Homeland Security.

Case Assignment
After studying the required readings and other sources:

Briefly discuss your opinion of the legal and ethical role of DHS and its component agencies in the domestic surveillance of U.S. citizens.
Remember to cover such areas as privacy, surveillance, and treatment of citizens.
Google your state’s Homeland Security Plan. For example, enter (Name of your state) Homeland Security Plan, and note any language relating to safety and privacy of citizens.

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