Ethics, Compliance, and Training

Read chapter four in the textbook and Ethics, reputation, and compliance gain as corporate priorities (Links to
an external site.). In the article, Hagel (2015) stated
The demand for greater transparency from consumers and stakeholders across the world has pushed the
areas of ethics and compliance up the corporate list of priorities in recent years. In addition, the risk to
reputation and potential damage that can be done if evidence of unethical practice is discovered have
increased significantly with the advent of social media. (para. 2)
Based on the importance of transparency, your organization (you can represent any organization, McDonalds,
Starbucks, ESPN, etc.) has asked you to create a training presentation on ethics and compliance to be
presented next week. Referencing the Hagel article, the Gonzales-Padron textbook, and at least two other
journal articles, present an outline for your training as a response to this thread.
Create an outline describing the information that you would include in your training presentation.

Sample Solution