Ethics paper

Paper 1: The second half of the e-text (chapters 10 – 20, the “textbook ten” I humorously call them because they are a pretty standard list of topics in any Ethics textbook) are examples of ethical topics (“applied ethics”) such as abortion, euthanasia, animal ethics, economic justice, environmental ethics, etc. I just modeled this in class by showing you how Homer’s Iliad and Erikson’s works are extended narratives about the ethics of aggression and war. You are not limited to any of these topics. For example, one could analyze the ethics in a story or novel, a TV show or a movie. Social institutions have characteristic ethics from the media to the government. In 2-5 pages (not necessarily a “research paper,” MLS or APA style is your call) identify your topic and your basic position on the subject, unfold your argument by using appropriate logic and evidence and then draw a conclusion. There is an appendix at the end of the e-Text entitled “How to write an Ethics Paper” which may be of use. Please bring a hard copy to class with the class and section and “Paper 1” on it.

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