Ethnic/cultural heritage

  1. What is your full name, age, and date of birth?
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  2. What is your ethnic/cultural heritage?
  3. What is your religion/spiritual belief system?
  4. What is your marital status?
  5. Do you have children? (If so who are they?)
  6. What is your occupation?
  7. Who are you closest to in the play? Why?
  8. Who do you not get along with in the play? Why?
  9. What is the single most important event in your life?
  10. What is your level of education?
  11. What is your overall goal in the play?
  12. Where do you want to be in five years?
    Section #2- The Playwright
    Using the assigned play and the Character Biography Questions completed in Section #1 write
    an additional monologue for the character you selected. Remember, a monologue is a set piece
    of speech spoken by only one character. The monologue can be considered an addition to the
    script either within the script or you could imagine a final monologue that is written to come at
    the conclusion of the play. Either way we ask that you feel free to be creative and explore your
    character’s voice as a playwright. You can use the monologue to clarify your character’s point of
    view/experience/wishes/hopes or to defend your character’s point of view as that character- or
    in other creative ways that allow you to practice creating lines that a character from this play
    might speak.
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Sample Solution