Ethnic Market Visit

1.Visit or take a virtual tour of an ethnic market or grocery store that caters to a specific ethnic population or culture. This should not be a traditional American grocery store such as Vons, Ralphs, Sprouts, Trader Joe’s or the like.
In-person visit – You will need to take photos of the store and items you write about. You might introduce yourself to the staff and/or manager to ask permission or for help to answer questions.
Virtual tour – Epicurious has a Lost in the Supermarket YouTube series with several virtual market tours here, (Links to an external site.). Or you can find your own virtual tour (please include the URL to the tour you choose)
2.Prepare a written description of your visit or tour including all the items listed below.

Paragraph 1, General Description (5 points)
Name and address of the store (or virtual tour URL)
What cultures are served by this store?
Describe the store, how is it set up compared to a traditional American supermarket? Are there aisles or areas dedicated to products that do not usually appear in traditional American supermarkets?
What language is used for package labeling and signage within the store?
Include one picture of the grocery store inside and out.
Paragraph 2-5, Foods and flavors (15 points)
Flavor Principles/Core Foods (5 points):
Consult your text to identify and list the flavor principles of the cuisine represented at this market.
List and describe THREE spices/herbs/seasonings you see available in the market.
Do these fit the flavor principles of the cultural cuisine from the text?
Are you familiar with these? How do you think they are used?

Sample Solution