European Economy

Using information on her political party (both national and European) and representing country and region, write an essay on the topic below. (2000

Tanja FAJON from Slovenai , Socialni demokrati from Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament
You will have to defend your politician’s vote (YES/NO/ABSTAIN) on one of the issues below applying the economic models and concepts discussed
in class and all the information on the European integration and institutions we have seen- You are expected to do your own research on the
politician, political party, country/region, as well as on the policies under discussion- I will provide some links, but you are expected to do your own
research to write the essay.

In the last few months the president of the United States and the president of China have started a series of trade measures (Le-tariffs)- At the same
time, the European Union is implementing a Trade Agreement with Canada (CETA) and negotiating another with the US (TTIP)- Should the EU go
forward and fully implement CETA and finalise TTIP with the US?

1- Brief summary of your politician views and political career, including activity in the European Parliament-

2- Compare and contrast the implications of Chinese and US measures on European trade and production from your politician’s point of view-

3- What would be the implications of a trade agreement with Canada and/or with the US from your politician’s point of view-

4- Based on points 1, 2 and 3, defend the vote of your politician-

Marking criteria

Was your argument logically developed and coherent?

Is your argument well grounded in economic theories/models?

Have you addressed the question being asked? That is, have you answered it in a direct, succinct way without including unnecessary or irrelevant

Is your writing persuasive?



Sample Solution