Search for a pop culture exercise program (for example; hot yoga, spin, cross fit, zumba, beach body, etc.) OR a sport specific drill/practice session. Choose one specific class/practice video and evaluate 5-10 minutes in the middle of the class/practice using AFAA’s 5 QuestionsTM (p. 2-3), Changes in Group Fitness (p. 4), and Group Fitness Methods (p. 8-12).

1. Link the video into the forum. Describe the video, and identify and define the class/practice participants’ demographic range.

2. Evaluate the video segment by listing and answering AFAA’s 5 QuestionsTM.

3. Using the four Changes in Group Fitness, p. 4, do you consider this video a modern type of group training/fitness activity? Why or why not?

4. What type of Group Fitness Method p.8-11, would you classify the video: Pre-Choreographed, Pre-Designed, or Freestyle? What are the benefits of being in that classification?




Sample Answer

Sample Answer


Evaluating a Pop Culture Exercise Program: Zumba Fitness Class

1. Video Link and Description:

The video link to a Zumba fitness class on YouTube: Zumba Class Video

Description: In the Zumba class video, participants are engaged in a high-energy workout session led by an instructor. The participants in this class appear to be primarily women in their late 20s to early 40s, with varying fitness levels.

2. Evaluation using AFAA’s 5 QuestionsTM:

a. Safety:

– Are the movements performed with proper form to prevent injuries?
– Is the instructor providing modifications for different fitness levels?

b. Effectiveness:

– Is the workout challenging enough to improve cardiovascular fitness?
– Are participants engaging in a variety of movements to target different muscle groups?

c. Enjoyment:

– Are the participants smiling and having fun during the workout?
– Is the music upbeat and motivating?

d. Instruction:

– Is the instructor clear in cueing the movements?
– Does the instructor provide motivation throughout the class?

e. Motivation:

– Are the participants encouraged to push themselves during the workout?
– Does the instructor provide positive reinforcement?

3. Changes in Group Fitness:

The Zumba fitness class can be considered a modern type of group training/fitness activity due to its emphasis on music, choreographed movements, and group dynamics. It aligns with the changes in group fitness by incorporating fun and engaging workouts that appeal to a wide range of participants.

4. Group Fitness Method Classification:

Classifying the Video:

The Zumba fitness class video would fall under the Pre-Choreographed group fitness method classification. The choreography and music are pre-planned, providing a structured workout experience for participants.

Benefits of Pre-Choreographed Classification:

– Consistency in workout routines for participants.
– Allows for seamless transitions between movements.
– Easy for instructors to follow and teach effectively.

In conclusion, the Zumba fitness class video provides an engaging and effective workout session for participants, catering to a diverse demographic range. With its modern approach to group fitness and pre-choreographed method, it offers a fun and structured exercise experience that can benefit individuals looking to improve their cardiovascular fitness while enjoying a dance-inspired workout.



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