Evaluation/Analysis paper.

Based upon the student’s own evaluation/analysis and the information gained from
one of the assigned Faigley readings -” Let It, Snow,” “The Old Man Isn’t There Anymore,” and In Praise of Fast
Food,” –3-4 page evaluation paper will be constructed by the student. A student may also evaluate “The Danger of a
Single Story” or Is Google Making Us Stupid?” or ” Technology Changing How Students Learn, Teachers Say,”
Note– This paper will be an analysis/evaluation paper, not a plot summary. A strong position-based thesis, in-text citations, and a work{s} cited page must be included with this paper; however, the work cited page does
NOT count as part of the required 3-4 pages. Finally, the paper should include no or very little use of outside
sources other than the primary source that is being evaluated. The use of first-person {I and we} and second
person { you and all of its forms} is not acceptable.

Sample Solution