Evaluation and Counseling-Internship Experience

examine the performance of a Counselor-Intern during the internship/supervision process. Evaluate how an Intern can grow as a counselor.
1. Examine how an intern can develop their personal style in counseling, including the effectiveness of using Cognitive-behavioral Therapy and client-centered therapy when treating clients. What can an intern do to improve Assessment and Treatment skills?
2. What are the most important skills and knowledge that a Counselor-Intern can learn about the counseling process during internship?
3. When the client does not complete assignments, how should an Intern handle this challenging client, and other challenging situations with clients?
4. What successes can an Intern achieve during the Internship?
5. How does supervision with experienced clinicians in and Faculty Supervisor positively impact the Interns clinical skills as a counselor?
6. Overall, elaborate on the positive outcomes Interns can experience during supervision.



Sample Solution