Evaluation of demand elasticity

You are writing a report to a store manager who wants pricing recommendations (increase, decrease, remain the same) for a particular product. This is a research paper to qualitatively evaluate the demand price elasticity for a particular product at a particular retail location based on identifying the number and closeness of substitute products. Pick a product that interests you at a specific location. (ex: DeLonge Toaster Oven, Macy’s, Northridge Fashion Center.) Identify the closest substitute products at the same location, and the same or similar group of products at the nearest geographic stores (two to three). Get price and quality information of all products at all locations (some may be NA — not available) You may use online as an
alternative location but not your main location. More details are in the file that will be uploaded soon. in theory, i live in California US. so please use the CA price tag in the case to remove any trouble. the price mark of California can be found on google.

Sample Solution