Event creation and design

  1. With reference to two or more refereed journal arficle(s) you need to find two academic definitions of creativity 2. With reference to one academic article you also need to find an academic definition of design 3. Use ANZ Newsstand or Factiva to find two news reports. One should be about a festival, and another one should be either a professional sport event or a business conference. One of these events should be outside of Australia. None of the event reports should be more than a year old. 1. Introduce each of the events and, for each, explain what the focus of the news story is in relation to the event (50 to 75 words for each event). Do not cut a. paste information directly from the articles. 4. Choose one of the events you selected in the news reports and explain how creativity was applied to the event. 5. Choose a different event to the one selected above and explain the importance of design for that event. 6. Ensure that the articles are referenced correctly — both in-text and in the reference section. Remember. quotes require the page number of the quote in the in-text reference.

Sample Solution