Event wedding management

  1. For this check-in, consider the content you reviewed this week on creating a risk and stakeholder matrix and communications plans. Perform further research on your own. Then create a risk and stakeholder matrix and communication plan for your event and venue. Your communication plan should include pre-, during-, and post-event details. You may find A Guide to Crisis Communications for Business Events Strategistshelpful.

If your venue already has a publically available matrix and communications plan, you may use the details from their plan for your submission. Please cite your sources using APA formatting.


For this first check-in, consider the types of events that could be held at a venue. Select an event that you would like to manage as a professional event planner and the venue in which it would take place (existing or imaginary). Write a brief explanation of your choice and why you made it. Include details of your venue (amount of seating, indoor or outdoor, etc.) and how your event would be setup at the venue.

Sample Solution