“Evicted” book essay

Throughout the book, Evicted, a number of policy issues are raised and many of the issues discussed are
contradictory to the practice of social work and our ethical values.

  1. Select a policy different from the policy you presented on and related to issues in Evicted.
  2. Research the policy: History of the policy and any changes or amendments to the policy throughout its
  3. Describe how political ideology and social constructions of vulnerable populations influence the development
    of social welfare legislation and societal responses. (How does politics and society view the population
    addressed in the social welfare legislation – is there bias? Is there a lack of understanding?)
  4. Evaluate the policy to determine possible gaps in the policy when in practice (Use examples from Evicted to
    back up claims related to gaps or problems you see with the policy.
  5. Evaluate the policy in terms of its alignment to the NASW Code of Ethics.
  6. Articulate how social workers can actively and ethically engage in the political process to address social
    justice issues related to your topic.
  7. To conclude, write what you would recommend to improve, revise, or update the policy.
    (SLOs 2, 4,& 6)

Sample Solution