Evidence Base Practice


SPED259 Programming Strategies for ASD

Implementation Plan Format:

Typed; 12-point font either Arial or Times New Roman
1” Page Margins
Pages numbered; single-spaced – double-spaced between paragraphs

Title of Plan

1. Provide background information including the student’s grade level, age, and the intellectual/functioning level of student.

2. Strategy (i.e. Visual Schedules)

3. Reason why the strategy was chosen for the student
a. What is the concern?
b. What strategies have been attempted?
c. Why do you believe the strategy will work?

4. Plan for Implementation
a. Review the “Steps for Implementation” from the Autism National Professional Development Center, http://autismpdc.fpg.unc.edu http://afirm.fpg.unc.edu
b. Write out specific details, answering questions posed in each step of how you will implement this strategy for the student selected for each strategy used.
c. Organize your plan by using the steps given for each strategy. Answer the numbered steps (i.e. 1, 2) under each grey highlighted implementation step, 1-3 sentences.

5. Complete at least three self-reviews using the Implementation Checklist to show what steps you have taken.
a. Implemented (2)
b. Partially implemented (1)
c. Did not implement (0)

6. Identify the designated field supervisor approved by your district for this project and have him/her complete, date and sign the Fieldwork Affidavit and Review.

7. Reflection: Problem-Solving / Troubleshooting

Comment as to the success of your plan. Why did the plan work or why was the plan not as effective as you would have liked? What will you do to make the strategy work in your classroom?

Sample Solution