In this assignment you will pick a sports organization and detail the history/present representation of their marketing of online media.
Find out when they first established a website, approximately what year or time surrounding, then (when/ how) did they establish their social media presence?
When or how do they (today) reach their audience? For example, what social media platforms are they involved with and which social media handle generates the most interest amongst their target market? Is it Facebook, X, Insta? Etc.
Who is their voice in their representation? Is it a local radio host (Greg Hill Boston), podcaster, known mascot etc.

Sample Answer

Sample Answer


Evolution of Online Media Marketing: A Case Study of the New England Patriots

The New England Patriots, a prominent sports organization in the National Football League (NFL), have been at the forefront of digital marketing and online media presence. Let’s delve into the history and present representation of their marketing strategies in the online sphere.

Establishment of Online Presence

The New England Patriots established their official website,, in the late 1990s, around the time when the internet was gaining popularity and websites became essential for sports teams to connect with their fans. The website served as a hub for news, updates, player profiles, and ticket information, offering fans a centralized platform to engage with the team.

Social Media Engagement

The Patriots made their foray into social media in the early 2000s, initially leveraging platforms like MySpace and early versions of Facebook to connect with fans. However, it was around 2009-2010 when the team significantly ramped up its social media presence, expanding to platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Audience Reach Today

Today, the New England Patriots have a robust presence across various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. They utilize these platforms to share game highlights, behind-the-scenes content, player interviews, and engage with their fan base in real-time. Among these platforms, Twitter stands out as a key channel for the Patriots, where they have a large following and actively engage with fans through tweets and updates.

Voice of Representation

In terms of representation, the New England Patriots have a diverse set of voices that contribute to their online presence. While players and coaches play a significant role in shaping the team’s narrative, the voice of the team is often personified by key figures such as Robert Kraft (team owner), Bill Belichick (head coach), and star players like Tom Brady (former quarterback) and Julian Edelman. Additionally, the team’s mascot, Pat Patriot, also serves as a symbolic figure in representing the team’s spirit and engaging with fans during games and events.

In conclusion, the New England Patriots have evolved their online media marketing strategy over the years, establishing a strong presence on various social media platforms to engage with their audience. Through strategic content creation, real-time interactions, and leveraging influential voices within the organization, the Patriots continue to connect with fans worldwide and maintain a loyal following in the digital realm.

This analysis provides insights into how the New England Patriots have navigated the digital landscape, from establishing their website in the late 1990s to expanding their social media presence in the 2000s and beyond. It highlights key aspects of their online marketing strategy, audience engagement tactics, and notable voices that shape their representation in the digital sphere.


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