Evolution of Visualization

In this task, you will compare and contrast examples of visualizations and analyze the impact of them based on
audience effectiveness. To complete this assignment, you will visit Tableau Public Gallery and SAS Visual
Analytics Interactive Demos to browse and review different visualizations.
Take the time to review and interact with at least 5 samples for each of the sites (for a total of 10).
SAS (Link: https://www.sas.com/en_us/software/visual-analytics/demo.html)
Tableau (Link: https://public.tableau.com/en-us/gallery/?tab=viz-of-the-day&type=viz-of-the-day
Visualization Presentation Comparison
(A) As a consumer of the visualizations, compare and contrast the SAS and Tableau presentation layers. Use
the following suggestions to guide your evaluation:
▪ How are they the same?
▪ How are they different?
▪ Which presentation features do you like and why?
▪ Which presentation features do you dislike and why?
Reference the 10 or more visualizations you reviewed to support your position.
(B) Analysis of Effective Visualization Examples

  • Provide at least one visual from each tool that is a good example of presenting information to an audience. In
    your analysis, provide proper reasoning for how each visualization is effective and describes the information
    being conveyed to the identified audience.
    (C) Analysis of Ineffective Visualization Examples
  • Provide at least one visual from each tool that is an example of presenting confusing information to an
    audience. Explain why the visual is confusing and identify what could be done to correct the visualization so it
    properly conveys the intended information to its audience.

Sample Solution