Examine two scholarly journal articles on death, dying, and bereavement

The purpose of this fourth Death Discovery is to examine two scholarly journal articles on death, dying, and bereavement that have been assigned throughout the course. You are tasked with preparing a critical written response to each of the articles, applying the sociological imagination to them, and drawing connections between the two articles. Type your responses to these questions in complete sentences with 12 point font, double-spaced, and 1 inch margins. Papers should be about 4-5 pages in total. STAPLE YOUR PAPERS! STEP ONE: Choose Two Assigned Journal Articles There have been several journal articles assigned throughout the course that are located within the modules on Canvas. Choose two specific articles for the purposes of this assignment. Thoroughly read each article, paying particular attention to the focus and overall argument of each paper. STEP TWO: Write a Critical Analysis for Each Article Write a critical response for each of the articles, paying special attention to the overall argument of the paper, the data, the results, and the article’s contribution to the field of thanatology. First, summarize the article (in no more than one paragraph). Then, discuss what the article means to you as a student in a Sociology of Death & Dying course, how you personally relate to the research/ideas/theories of the author(s), and why you believe the article is important for future students to read. Make sure to describe, analyze, and interpret the content while reflecting on its meaning to you as a student in this class. What are the limitations of the article? Key contributions? How does the article incorporate sociology and/or broaden the sociological imagination? Write a separate critical analysis for each article. Each analysis should be about 2 pages. STEP THREE: Draw Connections between the Articles Discuss key similarities and differences with the focus, main points, dialogues, and/or debates are between the two articles. What overlap do you observe? How do the two articles work together, or contrary to one another in terms of furthering an understanding of their topics? This portion should be at least 1 page. Make sure to be as detailed as possible and CITE YOUR SOURCES in text. Include a “Works Cited” page in APA, MLA, or ASA format. * I will upload the two sources that should be used for this essay (the two scholarly articles to use) Thank you for your help!

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