Examining the latest state interventions of China

By examining the latest state interventions of China, discuss whether this
country is becoming more protectionist (i.e. turning inward). Select 3 salient state
interventions and discuss their implications on foreign/local firms and how foreign firms
can potentially mitigate (or benefit from) the challenges (opportunities) posed by these
state interventions.
This is a group essay and I am in charge of the first part of the essay which should be around 400 words.
Please also include 2 or 3 sources that can be found and read on google as I may need use them later.
The part I’m in charge of is the paragraph below:
“In this essay, first you need to examine the latest state acts of the selected country. You can find this
information from the Global Trade Alert website: https://www.globaltradealert.org. You can consider a suitable
period, e.g. the most recent two years (this period shouldn’t be longer than 5 years). You do not need to
examine all the state interventions during this period individually, instead you can examine the trend of these
state interventions, summaries of different types of state interventions, focus on the most important/impactful
state interventions etc to determine whether the country is becoming more protectionist. You should give about
40% attention/weight to this part of the question.”

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