“Executive Leadership”

1. Read Kotter’s book on Leading Change to understand the challenges large organizations face in implementing major change.

Starting in 2008 and continuing today in many industries, the economic tsunami this country experienced required many, if not most, of the major firms in the USA to undergo significant organizational change. Additionally, new technology has required many firms to make major change. Select the company or industry in which you work or desire to work, or another firm/industry or government organization that is of interest to you. Such a firm may be in the following industries: aerospace, automotive, petrochemical, healthcare, insurance, banking, service sector, smart-phone, communication, manufacturing, food, fast food, government organization, etc. Assume that your selected firm, government organization or industry has been complacent due primarily to good revenue and profits in the past. Competitors are beginning to take some of the firm’s market share and the outlook appears dismal unless major change is undertaken. Perhaps competitors have developed game-changing technologies. As CEO, use John Kotter’s 8-Stage Process of Creating Major Change to outline and discuss how you would go about implementing the necessary change to curtail losing market share and gain back some of the market share which had been lost.






























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