After reading the New York Times interview, watching the exhibition video
and reading the short exhibition highlights, please consider the following:
What is the controversy?
What were architect John Russell Pope and sculptor James Earle Fraser’s original
intentions? Seeing it now, should that matter?
What purpose do public monuments serve? What happens when they’re removed?
Parks, city steps and museum galleries are all public spaces. What changes if the
offending artwork is placed outside or inside?
What do you think: should problematic art be removed from public spaces?
The paper should be three (3) pages double-spaced with standard margins and fonts. Be
sure to write an introduction with a thesis statement (what will you be telling the reader)
and a ‘roadmap’ telling the viewer what your main points are that will follow to prove your
thesis. After the introduction give the body of evidence (clear discussion with specific
evidence for your points) and a conclusion. Use quotation marks and cite sources if you
use quotations.

Sample Solution