For Essay #3, expand Essay #2, by doing the following:

Conduct library research to find at least two additional outside sources that add to the “conversation” you defined in last unit’s essay. These sources should

provide additional context to your argument, and help you make your claims in a more effective manner.
Decide how to include these new sources into a new version of Essay #2.
Perform any other revisions or re-structuring to Essay #2 help strengthen your argument. Use your instructor’s feedback to help guide your revisions.
Create a bullet list of the changes you made in revising Essay #2 to create Essay #3. Include this list either as a second file or an additional page. Failure

to submit this required information will result in a grade deduction from essay #3.
As you expand Essay #2 to meet these new goals, you should expand, edit, restructure, and delete, in order to make a clear, effective argument. This unit’s

essay should not merely be Essay #2 with a few new paragraphs tacked on, but should be a re-envisioned piece of writing. Remember to continue to appeal to

specific audience you identified last week.

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