Experience applying to college

Think about your experience applying to college, your multicultural identities, and your outlook on
underrepresented students and write a reflection paper that incorporates the below questions. There is no right
or wrong answer. This is an opportunity for you to being to explore your identities and the potential identities of
your students (4-5 pages maximum).
Part A: What made you decide to attend college and what made you decide on the college you attended? Who
influenced your decision and what resources were used in your decisions? What did you wish you knew about
college before attending and how do you wish that information was conveyed to you before enrolling in
school/choosing a college?
Part B. How do you think your multicultural identity groups (e.g. gender, sexual orientation, social class, race,
ethnicity, religion, dis/ability) influenced the information you spoke about in Part A?
Part C: How do you think underrepresented students (e.g. low-income/working class, homeless, first
generation, foster care students, and students with disabilities) often experience the college application
process? Think about your assumptions/biases about these groups and how that may influence your work.
What knowledge do you need to gain about these groups in order to be more effective in supporting their
college application process? What skills do you need to acquire at this point in your career and how do you
plan to do that?

Sample Solution