Experimental Designs

Choose a research question that you would like to explore through experimental research. Design an experiment using one of the more powerful designs covered in the chapter, namely, the pretest post test control group design or the one-variable multiple-condition design. Use the following steps in creating the design:
a. Reach a consensus on an experimental treatment to be investigated.
b. Create an appropriate control-group condition.
c. Consider possible threats to the internal validity of the experiment and steps that can be taken to minimize or
avoid the threats.
d. Consider how the experiment can be designed to enhance its external validity.
e. Consider features of representative design that can be incorporated into the experiment.
f. Specify one or more tests that can be administered to measure the dependent variable(s).
g. Design a technique for checking treatment fidelity.
h. Create hypothetical pretest and posttest means for the experimental and control groups, and select the most
appropriate statistical technique(s) for analyzing the data.
In your reply posts to your peers, address the following:
i. Would it be possible to investigate the effects of the experimental treatment using one of these other
designs? Compare the advantages and disadvantages of their experimental design with those of the other type
of research design.

Sample Solution