Explicit Societal Values

1. What are the explicit societal values toward the issue you have selected? Are they consistent with the stated values of the social work profession?
2. How will the values of others in society help or hinder your advocacy?
3. Why is a legislative change needed for this issue or why must a legislative change on this issue be opposed?
4. Create a timeline of action for your issue and explain why you selected the targets of your advocacy, the type of action, and the point in time to execute your actions.
5. Discuss what a budget for your efforts would look like and how your efforts will be funded.
6. Describe the power structures within the legislature/congress that may impact your strategy.
7. Identify at least three potential allies in your effort. Why would they be selected as allies? What would you ask them to bring to the table? What will their role be?
8. Identify any potential opposition in your effort. How might they hinder your efforts? What is your contingency plan to manage them? SWO-590 Advocacy And Social Action for Professional Social Workers 18
9. Who are the key leaders and opinion makers in the legislature who have the power and authority to move your policy solution? Who will be your champion?
10. Identify your role as change agent. How would you guide this effort and what is your rationale for selecting it?
11. Identify the specific actions steps taken or proposed to meet the goals of your advocacy effort. Explain how each action will move the project forward.
12. What will be the three key messages used in the effort? How will th ‌‌‌‌‍‌‍‌‍‌‌‌‍‌‍‌‍‍‌ ey be delivered?
13. What are the plans for implementation once the bill becomes a law? How will you continue to monitor that implementation and engage in ongoing advocacy?
14. Cite a minimum of THREE different references to back up your arguments.
























Sample Solution