Extra Credit Film

Watch an eligible Film listed on the Extra Credit Film List
Write a 1-2 page reflection on the event or film, consisting of 2 paragraphs:
Paragraph 1: A summary of the event or film
Paragraph 2: Connect the event or film to the course material, using at least 1 key concept (with definition) from our readings

Choice of Movies for analysis paper:

Film: Iron-Jawed Angels
Film: Suffragette
Film: She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry
Film: A Place of Rage
Film: The Punk Singer

Systems of Privilege and Oppression, Locating Identity

Film: Dark Girls
Film: Documented
Film: I Am A Girl
Film: Growing Up Coy
Film: Tough Guise 2
Sexualities and Power

Film: Hot Girls Wanted
Film: (A)Sexual
Film/Miniseries: When We Rise
Film: Stonewall Uprising

The Body, Beauty, Media, and Legitimacy

Film: Miss Representation
Film: Generation M: Misogyny and Media in Culture
Film: Killing Us Softly 4

Health and Healing, Reproductive Rights and Justice

Film: No Más Bebés
Film: Breastmilk
Film: Vessel
Film: The Education of Shelby Knox
Audio Archive: Audre Lorde reading from The Cancer Journals

Marriage, Parenting, and the Family

Film: No Woman, No Cry
Film: Wo Ai Nin Mommy
Film: Consuming Kids

Creating Culture

Film: A Ballerina’s Tale
Film: Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth
Film: The Heretics
Film: Artemisia

Environmental Justice

Film: Plastic Paradise: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch
Film: Taking Root: The Vision of Wangari Maathai
Film: When the Levees Broke

The Continuum of Violence

Film: The Hunting Ground
Film: The Invisible War
Film: Make It Home: A Story of Resettlement
Film: It’s a Girl!

Work, Labor, and Convos about Class

Film: Udita
Film: Poverty, Inc.

Women and the State

Film: 13th
Film: Half the Sky
Film: The Lottery
Film: Divorce: Iranian Style

Activists, Movements, and the Future

Film: Girl Rising
Film: Black Lives Matter
Film: Codegirl
Film: Pray the Devil Back to Hell

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