1. What are the roles and responsibilities for the various actors in the workplace in terms of the occupational health and safety, and discuss some of the turning points in history. (20 marks)

2. Discuss some of the historical roots of discrimination and how the continued discrimination faced by certain groups in society affects Canada. (20 marks)

3. What are factors that play an important role in youth unemployment? (20 marks)

4. To what extent is there a problem in Canada with poverty, and how might raising the minimum wage affect working poor? (20 marks)

5. What do unions do and explain the pros and cons of unions. Make sure to use examples from class (discussions and documentaries). (20 marks)

6. Why do many companies implement family-friendly policies? How common are workplace-based family-friendly policies? (20 marks)
Must answer
7. Explain a topic or concept that you learned in this class that was particularly interesting and in what way was it interesting. (20 marks)





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