1. With significant detail identify the problem. (Falls)
Identify a nursing problem within a hospital organization that needs to be addressed with an evidence-based practice change, quality improvement, or innovation. Provide a clear description of the background to the problem with enough contextual detail to establish why it is important. Why is it a problem?

2. With significant detail, describe why the problem you have identified requires a practice change, quality improvement, or innovation.
Provide a description of why the identified problem requires an evidence-based practice change, quality improvement, or innovation.

3. Explain the causes of the problem.
Provide a logical explanation with substantial detail, of the causes of the problem.

4. Identify the stakeholders.
People who have a key interest in or can have a significant impact on the proposed change. Examples of stakeholders include, but are not limited to patients, nurses, physicians, administrators, support or ancillary care staff etc. Include the positions or roles each of the stake holders hold in your discussion.

a. Discuss each stakeholder’s interest, power, and influence in relation to the project.
This section involves a more detailed discussion about the specific interest, power, and influence that each stakeholder has in relation to proposed change. For example, hospital administration can be a stakeholder. The stakeholder would have a strong interest in any changes make within the facility and has the power and influence to approve or deny the project. Speak to all 3: interest power, and influence for each stakeholder, and explain why or why not the stakeholder possesses each trait.

B. Explain the purpose of your project.
This is a statement that must align with the problem, with an aim to improve or alleviate the problem. This section should include a detailed description of what the proposed evidence-based project will accomplish – What needs to be implemented or updated.

C. Explain your proposed solution for your project.
Provide a logical explanation, with substantial detail of the purpose of the project. Provide a description of a proposed evidence-based project. The description must include specific information about what you intend to propose or implement. The purposed solution should include who will be involved, what will be done, and where the project will take place. This represents the “What” of the project – the general plan.

D. Provide an evidence summary to support your proposed change.
This section involves presenting a description of the proposed evidence-based project.




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