Familial Bonds

Familial Bonds

More often than not, incidents and events in the family are crucial in shaping bonds that may as well dictate the path the family takes as a social unit. Be it an event bringing joy to the members; like the arrival of a new born or a minor incident causing tension; such as a quarrel, they all shape familial bonds in a big way. It cannot be disputed that when family members come together to feast, inter-personal interactions during such a time often have far-reaching effects within the family and society at large. To better understand such phenomena, it may be important to examine Axel’s Babette’s feast and Moodysson’s Together.

Babette’s feast indeed stands out as a pleasantly predictable and overgenerous movie that seeks to embrace the good in people. Much as it is a vogue for food, it is an emblem of love within the family setting. The film has merited for discussion in this context largely due to the impact that the French housekeeper, Stephane Audran, has on the two pious sisters carrying on with their late father’s task of taking care of a continuously dwindling religious flock. Gabriel Axel’s piece of detailed work revolves around the preparation and subsequent consumption of a delicious Gallic meal. More deeply, it is a sensuous labor of love that has a relieving and healing effect upon the austere sect as well as the lady who prepares it. As is evident from the flashback, Philippa and Martina had forsaken their chances at fame and romance, literally taking a hollow refuge in their religion. The Babette becomes the secret that allow them a second chance in life. Though a relatively simple story, the film is indeed a sublime flawless masterpiece centered on love and grace

Lucas Moodysson’s  Together is indeed heartwarming. It gives a strong commentary on societal relations and socialism at large. Free living is also addressed. In covering family, forgiveness and love, it depicts openings to new experiences that even provide a chance to find new love. In the commune known as Together, Goran stays with some other and the woman he loves. His sister, after having a domestic misunderstanding with her husband leaves immediately with her children to live with her brother. What follows is a life full of drama and intrigue as they are rubbed off upon by the commune’s inhabitants. Interestingly, even the father who is left behind never finds life easy; he is prompted to seek outside help and guidance even as he tries to change so he can get his family back. In a word, the film explores family tensions and bonds that are made and broken. The happiness and agony of each development cannot be ignored.

The two films are great pieces of work that indeed provide great insight concerning societal and familial ties. It has to be agreed, they depict much of what goes in an average family or any communal setting. Indeed, a lesson or two may be learnt by watching them.