Develop a literature review in an essay of 1500 words. Use a chosen topic and write a critical perspective which summarises and critically analyses a wide range of literature in order to show what is presently understood on the chosen topic within an Australian context.

Your literature review should include the following:
• An introduction of the chosen topic and how the issue relates to children, families and early childhood communities in an Australian context (10%);
• Key areas of agreement, disagreement and tensions regarding the issue which critically analyses and engages with the literature under each heading (10%);
• How the major themes of the literature contribute to a body of knowledge of the topic in relation to current practice in early childhood communities (10%);
• A concluding summary which explains – based on your understanding of the literature – the significance of the chosen topic to children, families and early childhood communities in current times (5%);
• Sub-headings which detail key trends, concepts and themes identified in the literature related to the topic and references to a wide range of literature using APA (6th edition) style, appropriate in-text referencing and a list of sources. The written work should be coherently expressed and show a wide range of sources researched for this task, which includes scholarly literature (5%).
Searching for various sources for this piece will be key to successful completion of this task. Literature refers to sources such as studies and articles published in peer-reviewed journals, journal and book reviews, key early childhood texts and web sources – such as Government websites or early childhood web publications. It will be important for you to refer to a wide range of sources for this task. Therefore, we suggest that you start your search for materials from the beginning of this course. Students are to include a min of 10 scholarly references.

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