Think about a military family who could benefit from a self-care plan. What would you put into the plan and how would you support the family to follow through?

develop a family self-care plan.
Imagine a military family experiencing an issue in which they could benefit from a self-care plan. Include the following in the plan:
Describe the issue
1. List the key players in the plan (e.g., extended family, children, spouse, significant others)
Referencing one of the activities in the Appendix of your text (I will include a picture of the activities), how might it help you gain information to develop coping strategies to assist your family? Describe two strategies you might recommend and explain why.
Describe when the plan begins and explain any changes (if applicable) upon the military service personnel returning from deployment.
Explain the role of communication in the plan.
Explain how you might create buy-in from the family.
Explain how you might encourage the family to seek support if they need it.



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