Read the case study, “Family Matters.” After reading the case study, address the questions and prompts below.
What is the most immediate problem for Larry Cohen, the president of Accurate Perforating?
Describe Accurate Perforating’s current business model.
Describe a new business model using business theories and concepts that you believe would improve Accurate Perforating’s profitability.
To support the success of this new business model, what knowledge, skills, and abilities are needed from management?
What are your recommendations for keeping or replacing Aaron Kamins as the chief executive officer (CEO)?
Create one human resource (HR) policy that would support the growth of this business.
Does your new business model solve the problem that you identified as the most immediate problem?
What other actions would you recommend for this company?
Support your responses with content from the reading, lesson, and at least one outside, scholarly resource.

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