Family relationships.

I. Conditions during the Holocaust had an effect on parent-child relationships. You may include actual parents, and parent-surrogates. Discuss some of these effects with reference to three (3) readings. Be specific. Refer to readings by title and author. Include specific details that support your points.

II. Discuss the process, function of, and resistance to, dehumanization under the Nazi regime and in the concentrationary universe in three (3) readings.

III. Sometimes writers allude to books, authors, works of art, etc. Discuss three (3) readings that refer to outside works, and explain how this allusions function in the readings. What do the writers wish to suggest through these references.

IV. “Whoever was tortured stays tortured.” Identify the source of this quotation. What theme or issue does it focus on? Discuss this issue with respect to three (3) readings.

READINGS THAT WERE COVERED :- Hecht, “The Book of Yolek,” Lind; Fink, pages 3-14
Camus, The plague(PART 1,2,3,4,5)
Fink, “The Table” in A Scrap of Time
Begley, Wartime Lies, from beginning until the end of III
Kofman( Chapters I- the end )

Sample Solution