Family Story

Family Story

My family comprises of five people; my beloved father, mother and two of my sisters. Mr. Griffins, my father is one of the best fathers under the sun with a loving and accommodative heart that welcomes people from all occupations. One of the main proofs of his loving heart results from being able to bring me up as the adopted son in the family. The story has been surprising; I never knew that I was adopted until two months ago when my dad got frank and told me the truth. All along, I have considered myself as the only biological son in the family since I have always been treated even better that my siblings.  When I was young, my dad used to take me out for fun especially for children entertainment activities.

One of the most recent functions, which I attended with my two sisters, was the Wiggles function on children entertainment. It was a very interesting occasion, which brought us together in a happy mood. It was a special day since I was celebrating my birthday on the very day. In addition to the father, my mum is a loving woman who usually makes me feel loved through her unrelenting care towards me.  This has been evident through ensuring that I get all the necessary social satisfaction. My mum has been fundamental in building my writing talent through giving me several writing assignments based on diverse topics cutting across various disciplines. As such, I have been able to have a rich source of information for writing my critical thinking essays among other assignments based on current issues.  The technological breakthrough has been vital in facilitating my writing skills through constantly blogging in the family site. This has been vital in improving our knowledge and reasoning ability.

One of the most interesting characteristic of my family is the addiction to computer games, which consume most of our time. Funnily enough, my mum is the prominent figure behind computer games as she takes most of her free time playing computer games. He is even a member of online casino where she gambles some cash twice a week. She makes some little cash from gambling, which is her hobby; however, she sometimes loses and gets annoyed. Apart from being an online gamer, my mum enjoys baking cakes and cookies, which we enjoy eating especially during the weekends.

My elder sister is one of the funniest persons alive. She likes riding bikes, which keeps her busy during the weekends. This sometimes makes her fail to take care of her social responsibilities. This character makes her annoying since she leaves most of the domestic duties for us, which we have to attend to, as she is also a bully and authoritative. However, she always brings us gifts when we follow the instructions she gives. My mum plays a vital role in ensuring all of us are integrated together through attending church services where she participates in the church choir. My dad always retains his role as the boss of the house through handling all the managerial activities. I refer to him as a manager since he has succeeded in bringing up a happy family. He also satisfies both primary and secondary family needs without making any of us worse off. I have grown up to love every member of my family since they have been fundamental in inspiring me from the social, mental and academic perspectives.