In a 750-1,000 word paper, address the following:

Summarize FAPE and LRE

Evaluate the central concepts related to FAPE and LRE

Examine the laws, policies, and availability of FAPE and LRE by evaluating the outcomes of one FAPE court case and

one LRE court case noted below

Identify the rights and responsibilities of individuals with exceptionalities, teachers, and schools

Please select a FAPE and LRE case from the list below to help inform the assignment. FAPE Cases

Board of Education v. Rowley

Alamo Heights Independent School District v. State Board of Education

Kevin T. v. Elmhurst Community School District No. 205

LRE Cases

Daniel R.R. v. State Board of Education

Roncker v. Walter

Hendricks v. Gilhool

If there are additional court cases you wish research, please check with your instructor first.

Support your summaries with a minimum of 3-5 scholarly resources.




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